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1:39 PM 5/12/2012

heeeey there. i’m 19/f, living in orlando, fl, & an english major in uni. i joined mfp a while ago but kind of fell off the diet train and gained another 15 lbs unknowingly while at it :( so now i’m trying my best to keep up with this healthy-living schtick and lose around 40lbs.

i tend to butcher the english language online and type like a 10 year old but hey this is the internet so i dont take it seriously but PLEASE do tell me if this bothers you and i’ll try to remember to employ proper grammar when messaging you! =)

a little more about me:

i’m trying to teach myself how to play the guitar, but i am apparently very instrumentally-challenged. i longboard, but i suck at it. i’m an ent & reddit (along with ontd & tumblr) is one of my favorite means of procrastination. i’ve recently been discovering my obsessive love for films and the crazy fandom surrounding it. my current favorite fixations range from the avengers to sherlock to tegan & sara get along. i can’t go a day without playing some sort of music, & my favorite artists range from beirut to the xx to the knife. i’ve got technicolor hair, metal in my face, and a penchant for self-destruction (snerk). i’m a liberal arts major, a surly teenager, and i’m trying (and failing) to find direction in life. i often come off as a ridiculously self-absorbed immature brat on the internet but i’m trying to work on that. i like making fun of things (especially myself) and um well. please don’t take me seriously. i know i don’t half of the time.

all in all, i’m not that bad. drop me a line, maybe we can be friends— or at least help each other out.

i want thighs that don’t touch, arms that don’t make me ridiculously self conscious, an actual jawline, and to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. and maybe let this progress inspire me to change every other aspect of my life that i’m unhappy about.

my inspirations (since they don’t fit into the stupid boxes below):

- to wear what i want
- to finally be one of those snobby ‘i am judging you and every aspect of your life and your choices and your dog’ health nuts (haha okay maybe not really but admit it, it would be fun)
- to fit into my stupid closet full of size 2 skinny jeans from when i was 16
- to kick myself in the ass and work harder at well, everything. and maybe gain a little bit of confidence along the way
- to take a step in overcoming my depressingly crippling social anxiety
- to run a mile without dying
- to be one of those people who wake up in the morning puking ponies and rainbows and sunshine because they’re so ridiculously happy with their lives

and yeah. so on, so forth.

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